Getting serious about the Circular Economy

Over the last week, my organisation, Eurometaux, has been getting serious about the EU's Circular Economy Package. 

On Thursday 29th October, we held a conference to discuss “What does Europe need for a true Circular Economy”, with over a hundred value chain partners and other stakeholders. 

Because metals are endlessly recyclable, they're at the core of our society's efforts to move from linear to circular business models. We wanted to talk with policy makers and value chain partners about how to achieve this transition. 

Instead of providing a long summary, I’ll just point you to our video highlights from the conference. Take two minutes to see what was discussed. 

And our event Storify, which collects social media reactions, is accessible here.

Going forward, we'll continue to promote an ambitious EU circular economy package, that improves our industry's access to recyclable metals, and ensures their circular management.

Chris Heron

Communication & Public Affairs Director

+32 2 775 63 21