Waste Shipments Regulation


The European Commission is reviewing their Waste Shipment Regulation.

It defines the rules for controlling waste shipments within the EU and with non-EU countries ensuring adequate protection of human health and the environment.


of e-waste is collected and recycled in Europe

75% more waste was exported from EU to non-EU countries in 2020 (vs 2004)

Why it’s important

Recycling is a global market and cross-transit shipments are the norm for metals recyclers processing complex products.

Facilitating waste shipments to high-quality European recyclers will play a crucial role in achieving the EU Circular Economy objectives and decrease EU raw materials dependency.

What we are seeking

We aim to ensure adequate and safe waste treatment in the EU while enhancing competitiveness for high-quality recyclers, by:

  • Simplified and shortened notification procedure for pre-consented recovery facilities
  • Harmonisation of classification and definitions across EU Member States
  • Fully adopted minimum standards for e-waste recyclers within Europe
  • Requirements for exported EU waste to be recycled under equivalent conditions.

Kamila Slupek

Sustainability Director



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