Zero Pollution Ambition


The EU zero pollution ambition for 2050 is to reduce pollution for air, water and soil pollution to levels no longer considered harmful to health and natural ecosystems, in view of creating a toxic-free environment.

Why it’s important

We are aware that most of the metals have hazardous properties. However, those are critical for sustainable growth and perform specific functions in green technologies like electric cars, wind turbines or solar panels.

Europe’s metals industry is committed to continually improve its production performance to prevent, control, reduce and as much as possible eliminate pollution to the environment.

What we are seeking

In our views, the Zero-Pollution Action Plan should:

  • Promote a holistic approach and technically and economically sound solutions
  • Remain realistic and reflect industry’s technical realities and historical progress
  • Leave the focus on the main contributors and on point sources of emissions (rather than on the pollutants themselves)
  • Ensure that new monitoring and outlook tools are science-based.

Violaine Verougstraete

Chemicals Management Director

+322 775 63 27

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