Energy & Environmental State Aid Guidelines (EEAG)


The EU’s Energy and Environmental State aid guidelines  regulate state aid provisions in support of projects for environmental protection and adequate energy generation, while addressing competitive distortions in the Single Market.

The Guidelines are currently being revised to be aligned with the European Green Deal objectives, and other developments in energy and environmental areas.

Why it’s important

The metals sector depends on access and availability of carbon neutral electricity at globally competitive costs, given our electricity-intensity.

The EEAG State Aid rules play an essential role to ensure that this challenge is overcome and our industry remains competitive in its energy transition.

What we are seeking

An industry-friendly competition framework is essential to achieve the EU’s decarbonisation objective and maintain a competitive industrial base. In the revision, we’re asking the Commission to:

  • Maintain existing reductions of renewables support surcharges to electro-intensives
  • Extend reductions to also cover indirect emissions
  • Ensure support for recycling activities.

Adina Georgescu

Energy and Climate Change Director

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