Why it’s important

Europe’s metals industry is committed to high standards of due-diligence to ensure our raw materials are sourced responsibly from third countries.

We have been actively involved in development of the European Union’s Conflict Minerals Regulation (focussing on tin, tantalum, tungsten & gold), as well as the OECD’s due-diligence guidelines and related activities.

In parallel, European and international industries have established a range of voluntary due-diligence schemes for metals smelters to demonstrate their responsible sourcing.

More than 300 companies participate in the Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative


of cassterite from Central African countries are controlled through the Tin Supply Chain Initiative

What we’re doing

We’re an active stakeholder in the Netherlands Government’s International Responsible Business Conduct Agreement for the Metals Sector.

Together with policymakers, industry partners and NGOs, we’re working through the platform to:

What our members are doing

Our members have also developed metals-specific schemes for guaranteeing responsible and sustainable sourcing of their raw materials.

What’s coming up in the future?

The European Union will review its Conflict Minerals Regulation in 2023. Policymakers must reflect further on how to align with the industry-led schemes already in place, and how to tackle the minerals imported into Europe in products.

Elena Vyboldina

Trade and Economics Director


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